IPL Teams Names, Logos, List

The Indian Premier League is one of the most well-known professional T20 cricket
tournaments, with ten clubs from ten Indian cities competing. Every year, the IPL takes
place between March and May, and it has an exclusive window in the ICC Future Tours
Logos of all IPL teams
Logos of all IPL teams: Each IPL team is represented with a logo, a printed graphic or
symbol with a distinct identity. Every IPL club will devote a significant amount of time and
effort to creating distinctive logos for their teams.
Chennai Super Kings are a professional cricket team based in Chennai, India.
All IPL Teams Logo – CSK: The Chennai Super Kings are undoubtedly one of the finest
teams in the history of the IPL. CSK has a one-of-a-kind record of winning four titles under
the leadership of the same captain.
MS Dhoni, the four-time IPL champion, is a member of CSK. Apart from being a player and
captain, MS Dhoni has a strong bond with Chennai supporters. Furthermore, in his CSK
celebration speech, Dhoni says that he would retire from the IPL after the last match in
Yellow and Whistlepodu are two CSK tag lines.
CSK Logo Meaning: CSK has a basic yet robust design that roars just like its athletes when
it comes to its logo. CSK uses YELLOW as their base colour, and in the first layer, a
screaming furious-maned lion with complete visibility of its four fangs (long, pointed teeth)
is printed.
Logo of the Delhi Capitals
All IPL Teams Logo – DC: The Delhi Capitals are few IPL teams yet to win their first trophy.
The Rishabh Pant-led Delhi Capitals made it to the IPL 2020 finals but were beaten by the
Rohit Sharma-led Mumbai Indians.
Delhi Capitals Logo Meaning: The base colour of the Delhi Capitals is DARK BLUE. The
first layer is a shield-like structure with the emblem of the Parliament building at the top.
The team's name was printed at the top of the planned space, with three roaring red tigers
at the bottom.
Logo of the Kolkata Knight Riders
Kolkata Knight Riders have won two IPL titles so far, with their native city of Kolkata (West
Bengal) as their base (till IPL 2021). Notably, KKR defeated CSK in the IPL 2012 finals,
preventing CSK from winning a hat-trick of IPL titles.

KKR Logo Meaning: The Kolkata Knight Riders; logo was created with a solid link to the
franchises name.
The brand employs a bright golden character to sign their name – Kolkata Knight Riders –
within the shield area.
Logo of the Mumbai Indians
All IPL Teams Logo — MI: Compared to the other teams in the IPL league, the five-time
champions have the most straightforward logo design. The Mumbai Indians; franchise
name is decorated with a single graphic.
The Mumbai Indians logo is one of Hindu mythology’s most potent symbols/weapons, even
though the franchise picked a single design for their emblem.
The Mumbai Indians logo has a Sudarshana Chakra as its single design. In Hindu
mythology, the Sudarshana Chakra is a sharp-edged sword primarily employed by the deity
The Sudarshan Chakra is a powerful emblem that serves as a barrier against harmful or
destructive spirits that can cause misery. The Mumbai Indians may use this design for their
logo to defeat all of their opponents in the tournament.
Logo of the Punjab Kings
PBKS: In the 14th season of the IPL tournament, the Mohali-based IPL franchise, formerly
known as Kings XI Punjab, changed its name to Punjab Kings.
In 2014, they were the first runner-up, and in 2008, they were the second runner-up.
Punjab Kings are yet to win their first IPL championship in the cash-rich competition.
Sadda Punjab is the PBKS tagline.
PBKS Logo Meaning: The Punjab Kings have a primary logo with a shield-like structure
with a golden outline as the foundation. The franchise name is printed inside the shield
area, coupled with a roaring maned lion and the visibility of its four fangs (long, pointed
Logo of the Rajasthan Royals
All of the IPL teams Rajasthan Royals are the first team to receive a home and away shirt,
having won the first IPL tournament. Rajasthan Royals became the first to win the Indian
Premier League (IPL).
• The first team with an international captain and coach.
• The first team with several home stadiums.

• The first team to play two exhibition games outside the United States.
The Rajasthan Royals have two different logos. One is the endless version, while the other
is used on their teams uniform and official merchandise.
Bangalore Royal Challengers Logo
RCB: RCB is without a doubt one of the IPL teams with the most extensive fan base.
Although they have yet to win their first IPL championship, the supporters continue to
dream and hope for a beautiful moment.
RCB Logo Meaning: Royal Challengers Bangalore has unveiled a new logo for the IPL 2020
season that resembles an award and features an enraged standing lion with a crown on its
head. The black, red, and gold mix gives the RCB emblem a striking appearance.
Hyderabad Sunrisers logo
SRH made their first participation in the IPL in 2013 and went on to win their first trophy
in IPL 2016 by defeating RCB in the finals. SRH has players from the Deccan Chargers, one
disbanded IPL club.
SRH Logo Meaning: The Sunrisers Hyderabad franchise name may have been chosen due
to their resurrection from a defunct club. Furthermore, because the Sun Group owns the
team, the name might be selected accordingly.
The only team with a bird design in their logo is SRH. The SRH logo features an eagle
against a rising sun backdrop. The eagle is said to be the bird that can soar the highest from
the rest of its species. As a result, the franchise adopts the Eagle design for its logo to
distinguish itself from the rest of its competitors.
The IPL is rightfully regarded as a game-changer for the sport in India. Without question,
the IPL is the most popular cricket league globally. The leagues fan base is not just in India
but also worldwide. For cricket lovers, the event is nothing short of a carnival. The
company is the perfect mix of glamour, glamour, and athletics. This event is the most-
watched cricketing competition on the planet. The IPL has completely changed the game on
a worldwide scale.